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Decorating Your Rental Property

Even if a place is a rental, we still want to make our house (or apartment) feel like a home. Usually, when people buy property, they touch it up with pieces of their personality, interests, and ideal to make the place come to life.

Renters InsuranceUnfortunately, many renters do not have the same decorating liberties as owners. Even still, you can add your little spice to the mix to liven up your living space. We have compiled some rental decoration do’s and don’ts!

Just because you don’t own the place doesn’t mean that it has to be drab. Tap into your inner designer and add some character to your rental property. If you do end up causing any damage while you spruce things up, you may have to come out of pocket to cover the costs of the damage. That’s why renters should also obtain Renters Insurance. This will protect you, the property, and your belongings from any theft, interior damage, or injuries. Contact us now and request a free Renters Insurance Quote now. Keep your newly decorated rental property secure.

If you’re ready to get the General Renters Insurance coverage you need, give us a call at 1-800-771-7758 or visit our quote page and request a free General Renters Insurance quote today!

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Renters Insurance - decorating rental rules

Check with your landlord– Some places have stipulations in the lease that prohibit tenants from making any modifications to a property. Some places allow you to make renovations with the landlord’s permission.

Use temporary wallpaper- As mentioned before, some landlords will not let you modify their property. If you feel like your walls are boring, but you can’t paint them, temporary wallpaper will work wonders. It’s easy to apply, easy to remove, and won’t do any damage to the preexisting paint.

Renters Insurance - decorating rental rules

Decide on a style- We’re no interior designer but we know this: if you want to have an amazing rental, decide on a style or theme and keep it consistent. This will make your rental property more comfortable give it a great look.

Plan and Budget- Decorating is just like construction. Before contractors start on a building, they have a blueprint. The same needs to be done when you start decorating. Planning will help you organize your ideas and help you save money. If you plan, you will only purchase what you need and not waste money on excess items.

Bill your landlord- If you buy replacement appliances or materials to decorate your home, do not send the bill to your landlord. Your landlord is not responsible for these things.

Over-Accessorize/ Overcrowd- Having to many accessories through your home can make it look cluttered and uncomfortable. This can be subconsciously stressful: clutter is scientifically related to stress levels in the home. Also, mind your space and furniture. You don’t want to fill a room with so much furniture that it’s hard to navigate through.Renters Insurance decorating do's and dont's

Put holes in walls- Sometimes, we use nails to post things like photos, posters, and art on walls. Some landlords count this damage and take fees to repair these holes out of your security deposit. Remember to check with your landlord before doing this. If putting holes in walls with nails is prohibited, try using a strong adhesive to hold up wall fixtures.

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Renting an apartment or a home comes with responsibility. There are also losses you may experience that may be out of your control, but still your responsibility. You should know what the most common Renters Insurance policy claims. We list the reasons why someone would open an insurance claim.

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