Common Renters Insurance Claims

Renting an apartment or a home comes with responsibility. You have to ensure that the property doesn’t take too much damage. Missing one rent payment can cause an eviction. There are also losses you may experience that may be out of your control, but still your responsibility. For these incidents, you’ll need Renters Insurance. This insurance will cover any costs and fees you may accrue.

In order to keep your property and belongings safe, you should know what the most common Renters Insurance policy claims. Below we list the reasons why someone would open an insurance claim.

As a renter, you leave yourself open to many liabilities. Sure, your landlord may have an insurance policy, but it won’t cover you like a Renters Insurance policy will. It won’t protect your belongings or property. IF you are interested in acquiring insurance, contact us and request a free Renters Insurance quote.

No matter where you live, you’re at risk for burglary. That’s why these types of claims are so common. Usually, break-ins include broken windows or doors and stolen property. Your insurance policy will cover the costs to replace or repair these damages.

Sometimes a renter can experience a theft without it being a break-in. Maybe they had some friends over and something valuable went missing. Or they hired a contractor who ended up robbing them. You’re Renters Insurance with this coverage option will handle replacement costs.

Fire is another very common insurance claim. Fires can be caused for multiple reasons including stoves that were left on, candles that weren’t snuffed, faulty wiring, and negligence. Fire is highly damaging and can ruin a renter’s life. Luckily there are great coverage options to protect you.

No matter how careful we are, accidents can happen. When accidents happen on your premises you can be held responsible and may be sued. Legal fees along with medical bills and payments can be very pricey. Luckily, there are coverage options available that will protect your finances.


Our specialists have researched extensively and documented it perfectly so you can understand your Renters Insurance.

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